Program Benefits:

“The programme is an amazing opportunity to take a step back from your daily life and have space to think.
I came with very vague ideas and now I know what I want to do – thanks”.

“I would just like to say a big thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement throughout the year,
especially when I was having concerns with my ideas. I have thoroughly enjoyed your programme”.

Student/Client Testimonials

Beyza is successful and talented in design. She will be a good team member.

Gamze Guven

Kyle and I have been working together for the past two years. He has been teaching in the marketing strategy class I am coordinating, and we have also worked together on hosting a digital marketing workshop for small businesses. Besides his super agreeable personality, Kyle is a pleasure to work with. He is a great lecturer, with expertise in communications and digital marketing. One of his many strengths as a professional is that he is bringing concepts and ideas in life by sharing unique examples, and simplifying complex notions - students love him. I highly recommend Kyle for projects and teaching engagements requiring expertise in digital marketing.

Dr Maria Karampela

"Julie was the program director when I was studying at Heriot-Watt University as part of the 10th IMIM-Edition (International Master in Industrial Management). From the first day, she was a tremendous support for us, international students, with a big curiosity for the University and the country, but also lots of insecurities, typical of moving into a new country. Knowing that she was on our side made the experience even more joyful and enriching. I will never forget the many laughs and the hard work that semester. It was also a real honour for me to have her as my mentor writing my master thesis. Even when we weren't physically in the same place, I had a very good guidance through the process and could always count on her. Thank you, Julie, for all your support, your commitment and your always beautiful energy!"

Flavia Hernadez

I met Dr Julie McFarlane when doing my Master course at Strategic Project Management, where she was the program director and a coach on business projects development. I must say that apart from a whole toolbox of knowledge and skills that Julie was sharing with a great professionalism, it was a huge pleasure to deal with her as a person. She is a very engaging person with great charisma which is why her ways of coaching are never boring. She always sticks to the point giving valuable information and all support needed during the course.

Elena Chepkasova Masters in Strategic Project Management European (MSPME)

Dr Julie McFarlane was an expert lecturer, educator, director of learning, and inspiration during her time at the University of Strathclyde. As one of her students, it was always a pleasure to attend her classes. The lectures, lessons, and delivery of information was always very informative and resourceful. Within that time, I truly realised the rarity of meeting someone as professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work and involvement in academia and enterprise. I particularly recall Dr McFarlane’s acknowledgment of reflecting the reality of corporate affairs, society, and modern entrepreneurship in her work. For me, and many other students, this helped to establish the reality and importance of turning academia into practical, ‘real-life’ application. This inspired confidence and trust, to know that I would be able to apply this wealth of knowledge, and experience to any professional or personal situation. However, this commitment extended on from University. As Dr McFarlane, progressed from her role as the Director of Learning, she became Julie: the approachable, kind, and considerate person that I was delighted to form a lasting, meaningful, professional relationship with. Without question, Julie has exceeded the idealistic expectations of an educator. Her ambition and influential personality shone through, beyond her role at my University, by providing me with continuous support, encouragement, and drive to empower students, like myself. I would strongly testify to Julie’s experience as an educator, support, and entrepreneur.

Andrew Cullen Former Student
BA Business

Julie is a personable, genuine and knowledgeable lecturer. Attending Julie’s lectures was always easy - her passion for the subject coupled with her personality made the classes fun and motivating.

Jenny Jones Former Student BA Business Management and Marketing

"Julie I have been cursing you for quite some weeks, thank you so much for stirring such a response from deep within that I never knew I had. I just thought I’d share this with you to let you know how much your lecture touched me".

Shauna Killen Former student MSc in international finance & corporate accounting

“Dr. McFarlane is very committed to her field, and has a detailed knowledge of the start-up process. She even managed to keep everyone involved throughout and was very inspiring and motivating. Thanks a lot!”

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie in my first year at Strathclyde as she was the lecturer for one of my classes. A major thing that stood out to me was her dedication to making classes as engaging and enjoyable as possible. It truly made a huge difference, and gave me an opportunity to interact with and meet countless students. Thanks to Julie’s hard work, every student was able to work their hardest and look forward to each class, and always be able to say, “I learned something new today!” This is why, I would wholeheartedly recommend either working with or being taught by Julie, as she is not only a great teacher but a lovely, motivated and a refreshing person to be around!

Sam Freedman Former Student
BA Business Studies with Marketing

I had Julie for first year Enterprise at University. It was clear she was passionate about the course and ensured everyone understood the task given. She was extremely kind during the year and offered incentives from her own pocket. Julie ensured we were getting along with our groups and resolved issues right away. She was a lovely lecturer and It was a great experience creating a business in her class.

Lisa Louvieaux Former Student
BA Business Studies with Marketing

    Rodrigo listened to the brief, researched well, presented findings and suggested solutions in a proactive and professional manner. I cannot recommend Rodrigo highly enough, he would be an asset to any organisation.

    Melissa Sutherland, Chartered MCIPD Former Student
    BA Business Studies with Marketing

    Julie was an amazing lecturer who made an effort to build a personal connection with class members by hosting events that would support our start up businesses during our classes and taught by using relatable and relevant real world examples.

    Ibrahim Nasir Former Student
    BA Business Studies with Marketing

    “Julie, I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for teaching me. I feel I have to tell you, you've by far been the most interesting and entertaining lecturer I have ever had. Thank you for making me look forward to coming to your class!”

    Former Student

    “Julie encourages students to improve critical-thinking skills and she ensures we participate and holds us accountable.”

    Former Student

    “Julie, I just wanted to say, that you are my favourite lecturer so far and I really enjoyed all your courses.

    Former Student

    Kyle Andrews tutored me in Business Strategy and due to his astute teaching skills, managed to get a complete novice a respectable high B pass in 3rd year Business & Management degree course at Heriot-Watt University. Kyle has the unique talent of paying attention to people on an individual basis, and tailoring his teaching methods to that particular person. His people kills are of the highest quality and I am quite sure that whichever path Kyle chooses to take, he will enrich those around him. I wish him the best of luck and hope that I might cross his path again one day in the future.

    Ruth Alexander

    You are one of the most caring and funny lecturers that I've been taught by.”

    Former Student

    “The way she teaches, and how close she speaks with students is really refreshing, as well as motivating. I really enjoyed [Learning] with this Lecturer!”

    Former Student

    Julie was fantastic at explaining things in class and was always super approachable! She always made the classes interactive and has a super energetic way of teaching

    Ross Wilson Former Student

    Julie is a passionate and supportive lecturer who truly cares about her students and their projects. She was very supportive and always happy to answer any questions. Her course, entrepreneurship, theory and practice, was an interesting and practical course which encouraged creativity and innovation throughout.

    Emma O’Neil Former Student

    Julie is a very kind and friendly individual. The lectures we had from her were very engaging, well-structured, easy to understand and highly enjoyable. She is very approachable and provided lots of help and support when needed. I would highly recommend Julie as a teacher.

    Julia Former Student

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